The Greenery has developed a new strawberry variety that will hit the European market in June.

'Triumph' has been bred by the Greenery in partnership with Plant Sciences Inc and will be exclusive to The Greenery’s growers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its season will run until October.

The two organisations began working together on soft-fruit variety development seven years ago and Triumph is a direct result of that programme. Tests show that the variety is very suitable for production on tabletops and under glass, and 12ha of the new strawberry are now being cultivated by Greenery growers in the Netherlands.

Klaas de Jager, Greenery agronomist said: “The Triumph strawberry is an excellent variety for growers. This is because it's the first abundantly fruiting variety to produce large volumes on racks. Growing on racks is also better for soil quality, is less physically strenuous for pickers, and less dependent on weather conditions. The strawberry is a high quality, stable product.”

Jager says that collaboratively working has enabled the Greenery to apply the experience of its growers from a technical and sustainability point of view and respond flexibly to market demands.

Gerard van Loon, product manager at The Greenery said: “The Triumph strawberry will certainly stand out in a retail environment. It's a large, firm strawberry with a nice red colour. But even more important, it really tastes good. The size and flavour of this strawberry make it particularly suited to what customers want.”