The uk office of Israeli exporter Agrexco has moved to calm speculation that consumers are boycotting Israeli product, leaving produce to rot in warehouses, or that supplies have been interrupted following the recent clashes in Gaza.

Oded Yacovson, Agrexco UK md, said: “Production has gone on as normal and our exports are continuing as programmed. Our growing areas are scattered throughout the country - for example, avocados in the north and peppers in the Arava - and there have not been any problems either in the field or in the packhouses.”

He added that sendings have not been disrupted and workers have reported as normal. “Our vessels have been leaving as scheduled and customers are receiving orders as per programmes set,” he said.

Of the alleged boycotts, Yacovson said: “Nothing has changed and work is continuing as usual.”

Israeli news service Ynet reported earlier this week that Israeli growers were disappointed by cancelled orders in Jordan, the UK and Scandinavian countries. It reported the worst-hit products were persimmon, avocado and citrus.