Mash Direct has launched a new Cauliflower Bites line to meet huge demand for innovative cauliflower products.

Available across stores in Northern Ireland, the family-run firm said it had been working hard in the kitchen to develop a plethora of over 50 new products.

The cauliflower bites use freshly cooked florets, fried in a light, crispy coating, with a mild spice.

Mash Direct said it gently steam cooks its vegetables immediately after harvesting, to ensure freshness without compromising on nutritional benefits or natural texture of the vegetable.

Lance Hamilton, sales director, said: “We are pleased to be adding the Cauliflower Bites edition to our award-winning vegetable accompaniments range.

“We have seen a huge surge in demand for cauliflower in the UK in recent years, as it is a really delicious and versatile vegetable. The Cauliflower Bites align with a number of eating occasions as they can be served as a canapéand are also deliciousas the main component of a meal.

“The Cauliflower Bites will continue to fulfil our mission to bring innovative, healthy and high-quality products to consumers and our retail partners.”

Cooking in 20 minutes, with only 233 calories per serving, the new product also taps into the convenience trend, more prevalent among younger shoppers.