Mark Tinsley

Mark Tinsley

The Select Lincolnshire brand must not let momentum slip, Mark Tinsley, chairman of the Lincolnshire Forum for Agriculture and Horticulture, told delegates at last week’s Select Lincolnshire conference.

Tinsley called on the industry to support the brand, which over the last three years has generated editorial value of £262,000 to an audience of 1.5 million, as well as promoted Lincolnshire produce nationwide through trade and consumer shows.

He said: “I know what we have to do to make Lincolnshire an even greater success. We are now at a dangerous point where we could become complacent - but with the right support, the potential for Lincolnshire is massive.

“I have been floating the idea for some time that Lincolnshire should work as one unit - pushing forward a total Lincolnshire brand that is recognised inside and outside the country. We need our logo to be on everything: buildings, lorries, signs, leaflets - everything that is representative of the company.”

Tinsley said the Lincolnshire food industry had been a “sleeping giant” in the past, with poor infrastructure and a low standard of living for agricultural and horticultural workers.

He added: “We have almost been apologetic for our farms - it is time to reverse [that]. We must make the most of the government supporting the food sector. We must promote the industry - and what better way to do that than with Select Lincolnshire. We must build on the work of Lincolnshire County Council and give [our] produce greater importance.”