David Potts 2

David Potts

Morrisons is offering its farmer suppliers a five per cent discount on their shopping as a thank you for feeding the nation during the Covid-19 crisis.

The discount will be offered to Morrisons’ 2,700 farmers when they buy their own groceries to support them and their families.Eligible farmers include fruit and vegetable growers supplying Morrisons directly, as well as livestock farmers supplying lamb, beef and pork into Morrisons, egg farmers supplying directly and dairy farmers with a Morrisons contract.

Farmers will receive a discount card in the post giving them a five per cent reduction on Morrisons shopping from Thursday 23 April through to 12 July, when it will be reviewed.

The move is among a package of measures announced by the Yorkshire-based supermarket chain to thank farmers for their contribution in supporting the nation. It will also be opening a summer ‘BBQ and Steak Bar’ as well a ‘BBQ and Seafood Bar’ next week to help struggling British farmers and fishermen, and to offer customers a wider range of fresh meat and fish.

Customer demand and industry prices for certain foods have fallen dramatically since the lockdown started, with a third destined for the suspended restaurant and catering trade.

Meat and fish producers have been unable to sell certain products - including high-quality steaks, joints, whole fish and shellfish - that might have been destined for the restaurant trade, Morrisons pointed out.

Chief executive David Potts said: “This is a difficult time for the nation and it’s a very difficult time for farmers and fishermen. We’re the biggest supermarket customer for British farmers and they continue to provide very good quality British food in the face of very real challenges. We want to show our thanks for all their work in feeding the nation and encourage our customers to buy British food.”