NFU Cymru President, John Davies (1)

NFU Cymru president John Davies

NFU Cymru says it is looking for proactive, enthusiastic young farmers to be part of a new intake for its Next Generation Group.

Farmers aged 40 and under, from all sectors and from all counties of Wales, are invited to apply to join the group and to represent the future of the industry, NFU Cymru announced today (14 January).

In addition to working with NFU Cymru Policy Advisers and officeholders on key policy issues such as future food and farming policy, members of the group will also get the opportunity to meet with key figures within government and the agri-food supply chain, the union said.

'Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the current group has been in place since 2018 so this will be the third intake, which usually has a two-year term. It provides an opportunity for young farmers to engage with top decision makers, as well as the opportunity to meet similar groups across the rest of the UK,' NFU Cymru said in a statement.

Next Generation Group member, and Carmarthenshire Vice County Chairman, Hefin Jones, added: “The NFU Cymru Next Generation Group has provided unbelievable opportunities. We have met the Minister for Rural Affairs, Welsh Government policy makers and attended both the NFU Cymru and NFU national conferences. I think it is important to get the voices of the next generation heard, and this group provides the perfect platform to do so.”

Commenting on the appeal, NFU Cymru President John Davies said: “NFU Cymru is committed to working with the younger members of the industry. The Next Generation Group has been a great working group for ideas on the future of the industry and has real traction with policy makers.

'Future farm policy is a key issue at the moment and will significantly impact the next generation within the industry. Being part of NFU Cymru’s Next Generation Group is a great opportunity to get your voice heard. We at NFU Cymru are keen to get younger members involved in the union, so if you are interested, please complete an application.”

NFU Cymru added that the group meets around four times a year to discuss key issues affecting young farmers. Speakers attend the meetings and discussions are held. Also, Covid-19 permitting, there are plans to visit both Cardiff Bay and Westminster to meet policy makers and to get to the heart of decision making for the Welsh agricultural industry.

If you are interested in applying, or know someone that is, please complete the application form on the NFU Cymru website. The deadline for applications is 27 February 2022.