PerfoTec DLS

The PerfoTec Dynamic Liner System

Shelf life extension specialist PerfoTec has launched new technology to manufacturemodified atmosphere liner bags for bulk packaging at source.

The company’s new Dynamic Liner System (DLS) allows fresh produce growers and packers to produce liner bags on location with the most suitable permeability for their produce.

The cost savings of producing the packaging at source are estimated to be up to 25 per cent or more compared to imported MAP liner bags, PerfoTec said.

The firm added that longer shelf life achieved with the customised liners facilitates longer transport and storage options, as well as helping to reduce waste and boost sales.

Just-in-time production of the bags also reduces lead times and avoids liner bags being wasted because they are old or inadequate, Perfotec added, resulting in time and cost savings for growers and packers.

PerfoTec’s high precision online laser perforation system, which it is best known for, is a key part of the new system.

The patented closed-loop-feedback-camera system inspects each hole, for quality control purposes, and also to ensure the accuracy of the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of each liner bag. Its software system can store up to 200 programmes.

In terms of materials, PerfoTec said the DLS can use multiple raw materials for the film tube that is used to make the liner bags.

With the DLS these can be produced on demand, with no lead time, and in the right size and specifications to match the produce’s modified atmosphere characteristics needed at that moment.

PerfoTec recommended to use the DLS in combination with its Fast Respiration Meter to measure the respiration rate of fresh produce and thereby determine the optimal OTR required for its liner bags.

The technology firm also has a team of engineers and technical specialists to train and support growers and packers to use the new technology.