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A new range ofsustainable cartonboard packaging solutions called ProducePack has been launched by Graphic Packaging International.

In line with Graphic Packaging’s Vision 2025 to be better stewards for the environment, the new carton is described as offering brands and retailers 'an eco-friendly solution for a variety of applications with an artisan look that protects, preserves and presents fresh produce, from field to store.'

ProducePack is available in multiple different configurations and structures and features comfortable carrying handles, attractive branding and product differentiation, as well as another level of hygiene protection as the produce is prepacked and can reduce excessive handling in store.

Jackie D'Ambrosio, senior manager, new product development – omnichannel at Graphic Packaging, said: 'At Graphic Packaging, product innovation never stops. We’re committed to providing our customers with high-performing solutions that are relevant to the ever-evolving market and consumer needs. We’re delighted that our innovative ProducePack range is proving to be a viable commercial solution for our customers that can make a positive contribution to the environment.'

Leading Michigan, US apple distributor BelleHarvest recently introduced ProducePack to its three most popular apple varieties - Fuji, Honeycrisp and Gala. The three-pound cartonboard packs developed for BelleHarvest present a 100 per cent recyclable, sustainable solution with consumer-friendly features such as a quick 'grab & go' carry handles and striking graphics that create impactful branding in the produce aisle, according to the company.

Graphic Packaging further points out that ProducePack's patented intelligent design enables easy stacking through reinforced corners with visually stunning shelf appeal that grabs the eye of the consumer. The carton range can be hand- or machine-packed for small scale or mass production and is available now in the US and Europe.