A Lincolnshire-based recruitment agency, which supplied workers toa producer of vegetables in Northamptonshire, has had its licence revoked by theGangmasters Licensing Authority after being unable to account for suspicious monthly payments.

Gainsborough-based Recruit Solutions (UK) initially lost its licence after the GLAfound a number of irregular operations during an inspection earlier this year, and despite the firm appealing the decision, the appeal request was later withdrawn.

A spokesman for the GLA said: 'We identified issues in no less than six separate areas in total, and we think the fact that the company chose not to proceed with its appeal is effectively an admission of guilt and lends further support to our decision to revoke the licence and prevent the company from supplying workers in the GLA regulated sector.”

According to the GLA, the six violations included a lack of paper contract between the firm and its main labour user, and afailure to provide a satisfactory explanation for a regular monthly payment of£469.13 to a named personal recipient.