Online shopping fruit and vegetables

UK retailers must invest more heavily in their digital presence and think innovatively about how they can enhance their services to meet changing consumer behaviour if they wish to remain competitive beyond the second wave of Covid-19, according to global eCommerce platform Kooomo.

UK online shopping has witnessed an immense surge and is set to near the £175 bn barrier by the end of the year, Ciaran Bollard, CEO at Kooomo, said in a statement. “It is the retailers who recognise this fact and optimise their online services that will be better placed to remain competitive beyond Covid-19.”

Bollard added that British consumers increasingly want secure and diverse payment options when they shop online, so retailers must ensure they are creating a check-out process that is “safe and frictionless for all users”, he said.

“It is also important to note that consumers have less patience when it comes to online shopping. For example, a recent UK Consumer preferences Report – conducted between June and July – found that ease of use when accessing an eCommerce site was a deciding factor for 56 per cent of consumers,” Bollard said. “Ultimately, consumers look to sites that offer a fast, secure and reliable experience, meaning retailers must get the basics covered if they want to attract and retain customers.”

Only once their site is safe and reliable should retailers look to creating a flawless online experience for users, Bollard said.

“Pivotal elements when building this include investing in a seamless omnichannel experience, creating an AI chatbot and focusing on hyper-personalisation. It is retailers who embrace consumers’ new expectations and invest in their eCommerce infrastructure that will spearhead this sector’s recovery.

“Covid-19 has undoubtedly brought about profound, uncontrollable changes to our world and consumer behaviour is no exception to this rule. Yet, retailers should not simply back away from the fight,” he added. “With Back Friday and the build-up to Christmas just around the corner, retailers must ensure they are optimising their online presence and catering to consumers’ needs. Ultimately, it is retailers who respond quickly to changing demands who will remain competitive in the months to come.”

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