Packaging firm Sirane claims that its new range can extend the shelf-life of mushrooms by an additional week.

The UK firm says that mushrooms packed with Sira-Flex Resolve showed no signs of browning or condensation after seven days of testing in recent trials.

'There was absolutely no browning, no condensation, and the mushrooms touching the film was not a problem which it is using other types of film,' said Sandra Evans, sales manager for fresh produce at Sirane.

Evans confirmed that the packaging firm are preparing to release a new pad which will inhabit bacteria growth and says that it is now imperative that supermarkets embrace innovative packaging products after many signed up to the waste-reduction Courtauld 3 Commitment.

Targets set by the Courtauld 3 Commitment include reducing household food and drink waste by 5 per cent, and reducing waste in the UK grocery supply chain by over 3 per cent.

Simon Balderson, Sirane’s managing director, concluded:“Many companies may look at Courtauld 3 and think it will cost them more money, but using more advanced pakacing technology can actually save companies money in the long-run, as they’ll get money back from reduced discounting, wastage and returns.”