Soft citrus, pineapples, dates, nuts and cranberries are historically an integral part of Christmas fare, with Tesco adding a new dimension to the range this year with the arrival of Clementiny Clementines at £2.25 for 350g in an overwrapped tray holding 15 mini fruit.

Prepared salads are not usually marketed in such a festive manner, but under the Fresh & Naked range in Tesco the contents are described appropriately as “deep, crisp and even”. The combination of red multi-leaf lettuce, pak choi, Bull’s Blood and wild rocket are encased in a specially designed bag at £1 for 150g.

While snack packs tend to be confined to single portions, there is a now bumper carrot baton presentation at Asda, which should be popular at parties, with the volume increased to 600g for £1.

Avocados have taken a step up in packaging terms too. Marks & Spencer, in its Ripen at Home range, is presenting four Chilean Hass at £3.50 in a printed cardboard outer.

No longer is it a plea to children to eat up their greens, based on the range of brassicas that are available. One of the latest, which has already found its way into stir fry, is chard, and now this is available in its own right at Waitrose in its Limited Selection range at £1.29 for 200g.

The use of another vegetable has been widened at Morrisons, which is selling loose Dutch parsnip roots at £4.49/kg. The

recommendation includes trying it grated to enjoy a taste which is defined as being a mix between celery and carrot.

Stepping outside the multiples’ produce aisles, it is always intriguing to see where sourcing is acquired to better service independents and farm shops buying in markets. One of the more unusual were small red and orange peppers grown in Spain. -