British Onions is publicising a selection of light recipe ideas to gear consumers up for spring and summer, ahead of welcoming TV chef Valentine Warner onto the campaign in May.

Warner will feature in a cookery demonstration for consumer title journalists that will promote the use of British onions during the summer.

British Onions is currently promoting dishes including Eastern-influenced lentil dahl with spiced onions and a refreshing roasted red onion and white bean salad. The recipes aim to provide perfect food for alfresco dining and summer picnics, and increase onion consumption during the season.

Continuing the summer theme, the campaign will highlight the fact that onions are also a natural summer health remedy, as they are thought to help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever due to their high levels of quercetin.

In addition, when freshly cut, the natural sulphur-containing compounds found in onions also act as an effective pain relief for insect stings.