Work is under way in Jersey to keep the island supplied with fresh local vegetables should the Channel Islands’ biggest producer close in July.

Leading exporter Charlie Gallichan is hoping to secure the support of enough farmers to plug the gap in the market left by the impending closure of Albert Bartlett-owned Amalgrow to meet the demand from the big supermarkets.

According to the Jersey Evening Post, Gallichan, the fifth generation of his family to farm at Woodside, said the proposed partnership with other farmers would remain under discussion until Amalgrow announces the result of its current consultation process.

As well as keeping local produce on the shelves, it is hoped the move could mean greater choice for consumers, help to keep prices stable and provide a much-needed boost for farmers, the Post reports.

Gallichan denied claims that he was setting up a farmers’ co-operative, and also declined to name the other farmers involved.