Australian mangoes retail

The Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) will lead Horticulture Innovation Australia’s (Hort Innovation) Supply Chain Engagement Project.

The project aims to develop and organise activities involving key supply chain stakeholders to build interest, excitement, and an understanding of the mango industry, according to a release from AMIA. The ultimate goal is to increase consumption of fresh Australian mangoes.

AMIA has appointed Andrew Burns as its supply chain engagement manager to ensure the project, which was run by Hort Innovation while it was being tendered for, will continue to run smoothly during the peak of the mango season.

Burns has held senior sales and marketing roles with Norco Foods and Arnott’s.

“I am excited to have Andrew join our team and have no doubt that he will deliver great outcomes for mango industry stakeholders and will be an asset to our team,” said AMIA chief Brett Kelly.

“Andrew will be able to build on the fantastic work that Hort Innovation has been doing to get the project up and running this season, and that AMIA’s former marketing manager, Treena Welch, executed over previous seasons with retailers and other industry stakeholders throughout the supply chain.”

The Supply Chain Engagement Project supports broader mango marketing programmes managed by Hort Innovation and ties in with several AMIA-managed projects, including the National Mango Industry Communication Program and Building Best Management Practice Capacity for the Australian Mango Industry.

These projects are funded by Hort Innovation using the mango research and development levy and contributions from the Australian government.

Kelly underlined the benefits to AMIA leading the Supply Chain Engagement Project.

“I am very excited that we will lead this initiative,” Kelly said. “This project will tie-in with all the other work we are doing for Australia’s mango industry (together with our industry partners), that all aim to build and secure the industry’s future.

“The AMIA team is focused on working hard for our industry – the growers, retailers, consumers – everyone in our supply chain, to deliver great tasting fruit.'