Mark Dorey CREDIT Australia macadamia society

Image: Australian Macadamia Society

The 2020 Australian macadamia crop has exceeded expectations, despite drought conditions leading into the season.

According to the industry’s peak body, the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS), the crop is now forecast to reach 42,000 tonnes in-shell at 3.5 per cent moisture (45,000 tonnes at 10 per cent moisture). The updated forecast is 15 per cent higher than the original estimate of 36,500 tonnes in-shell at 3.5 per cent moisture (39,000 tonnes at 10 per cent moisture).

“Growing regions impacted most by unprecedented dry conditions have generally performed better than anticipated” saidAMS chief executive Jolyon Burnett.

“The majority of the crop has now been harvested, and the quality of nuts is very good despite the drought conditions leading into the season.”

Burnett said substantial rainfall in January in all growing regions helped ease the extreme conditions.

“Throughout the season, growers continued to focus on improving their orchard floor management, which is integral to managing soil moisture,” he explained. “This investment in soil health helped to maintain trees during the drought.”

The latest Australian macadamia industry crop estimate is based on forecast intake provided by the Australian Macadamia Handlers Association (AMHA) to the end of September. The AMHA represent 97.5 per cent of production in Australia.

The final figure for the 2020 crop will be announced by the AMS in early December.

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