Queensland-grown avocados to be sold in Australia this season, with exports planned for 2023

The first Ecoganic Red Tip avocados have arrived at Perfection Fresh’s stand at the Sydney Markets.

Developed by Frank and Dianne Sciacca, the Ecoganic farming system promotes ecosystem restoration and carbon sequestration. Rather than relying on chemicals (synthetic or organic), the Ecoganic method focuses on growing products slowly, carefully and sustainably.

Ecoganic Red Tip bananas, identifiable by their signature red-wax tip, have been a fixture on Australian retail shelves for over 20 years.

Blarney Enterprise owners Clinton and Ben Scott have worked alongside the Sciaccas to pioneer the use of the Ecoganic system in avocado production over the past 18 months at their farm in Bundaberg, Queensland.

The 2022 Ecoganic Red Tip avocado crop will be sold in the Australian market. Plans are in place to commence exports to the Asia Pacific region in 2023.

“Ecoganics is focused on natural balance. It’s about removing synthetic or organic coping mechanisms (which often introduce unintended consequences and deplete soil health), when nature has already demonstrated a capacity to provide the perfect solution,” said Frank Sciacca.

“Insects and organisms have been eating other insects and organisms and replenishing carbon in the soil for millions of years.”

When purchasing a signature wax tip avocado or banana, Sciacca said consumers are assured that their purchase is paying for the protection of on-farm ecosystem restoration and off-farm natural assets like reefs, rainforests and waterways. 

Ecoganic Red Tip avocados

Ecoganic Red Tip avocados