Freshmax J-Tech

The Freshmax Networker will again be a must-attend event for many delegates at next week’s Hort Connections trade show and conference, thanks to the cooperation of leading industry players.

With Victorian-based exhibitors and visitors remaining in limbo as to whether they’ll be able to travel to Brisbane for Hort Connections – owing to a seven-day state-wide lockdown – Freshmax Group was faced with the harsh reality its popular event may not take place.

However, some quick thinking from the event’s management team – Soto, Freshmax Group and key sponsor J-Tech Systems – has ensured it will take place on 8 June.

The networker will be hosted by J-Tech, who will utilise the platform as an industry launch for its new eco-packaging brand Naturpac, along with its soon-to-be-announced sustainability initiatives across all areas of the fresh produce industry, as well as the general community.

“We are showcasing some of our latest new products and brands at the conference this year, so we may yet add some of these to the theme of the night,” said Michael Williams, general manager of J-Tech Systems. “We, and so many others have always been such a fan of this event since it started back in 2014, it is great to step in and ensure that this year is no different.”

The event was initially themed around re-connecting as an industry. While Freshmax’s Melbourne-based team is unlikely to attend the event, the group’s chief executive, Murray McCallum, was intent on making sure those travelling to Brisbane don’t miss the opportunity to re-connect.

“We have worked with J-Tech for many years, and today they form a strong partner to the Freshmax Group,” said McCallum. “They have been a long-standing supporter and past sponsor of the event, so it made sense for them to step in for this year’s edition, given how many of our team expect to be stranded in Melbourne.”

Event sponsors Visy Board and Produce Plus Magazine have also stayed on to support the event.

“This event has built such a legacy,” said Visy’s Kym Ziersch. “We are pleased to continue our support of the event this year.”

J-Tech will honour all invites already issued to the event.