2 - Bananas

Mackays Group is moving to cloud-based platforms to manage key parts of its business through a period of expansion.

The leading Australian banana producer has partnered with integrated applicationsdeveloper Oracle.

The move will see Mackays adopt a number of platforms from Oracle’s suite of Fusion Cloud Applications.

Oracle’s Fusion Cloud HCM (Human Capital Management) application will support Mackays’ employee processes, including on-boarding seasonal employees and managing occupational health and safety training requirements.

Oracle’s Fusion Cloud ERP will provide Mackays with visibility over inventory levels, helping the company plan production and pricing strategies moving forward, including the management of fixed assets and logistics.

Alex Hutton, chief executive of Mackays, said the technology would support the company’s growth and diversification trajectory.

“We currently distribute more than 2,600,000 cases of bananas around Australia every year, and we are preparing for higher volumes and diversified cropping over the next two to five years as we increase production of avocados, papayas and other crops,” said Hutton.

“The group has expanded its footprint through the acquisition of additional farm properties, and we are also establishing new crops on existing farm properties. We needed a solution that would be simple to use and maintain but would be capable of handling the volume of transactions we are expecting.”