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The Queensland Horticulture Council (QHC) has launched a roadmap for the development of the state’s horticulturesector.

A Green Spring in Queensland will act as a launchpad for long-term sustainability and profitability within the industry, according to Richard Shannon, policy and advocacy manager of Queensland horticulture body Growcom.

“Ensuring Queensland has a thriving and prosperous horticulture industry is of critical importance – not just to the regional communities that rely on agriculture to survive, but to all Queenslanders who want high-quality, nutritious food to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Shannon said.

“As an industry we are incredibly efficient at turning energy, water and sunlight into nutritious produce, employment opportunities and increased regional wealth.”

A Green Spring in Queensland has been released ahead of the 2020 Queensland state election. Shannon hopes the roadmap can help industry forge closer links with the next Queensland government.

“For an industry with so much promise here in Queensland, we lack a vision of where we want to be and a plan of action to get us there. There are state-wide strategies in place for the charter fishing and craft brewing industries, but not for production horticulture,” Shannon said.

“We need a focus on horticulture within government, clear lines of responsibility and we need to empower the right people to take action.

“That is why a core commitment the council (QHC) asks of the next government is to convene a summit of leaders in Queensland horticulture to set a new vision for our industry within the first 100 days of the election.”

A Green Spring in Queenslandalso includes requests for the next Queensland government to commit to improved water and energy affordability, and to investments in drought and climate initiatives, sustainability, innovation, skills and training, biosecurity, transport, and export market development.

“We need a new deal with the next government, one that recognises the immense contribution we can make to the state’s economy,” Shannon said.