Orora Xsense produce and sensor

Australian packaging firm Orora Limited has secured exclusive distribution for Israel-based BT9’s cold chain management system Xsense.

Xsense is set to improve the quality of fresh produce on retail shelves through monitoring the storage and transport conditions of perishable products, from farm to store.

Orora said the system provides real-time, accessible data, allowing its customers to identify and correct any issues before any damage go the produce occurs, in turn reducing waste and increasing profitability.

“This system is a leader in providing a holistic approach to cold-chain management. It monitors, analyses and disseminates relevant quality data and recommendations throughout the entire cold chain,” Nigel Garrard, Orora MD and CEO said in a company statement.

“This technology has been widely used overseas and we are delighted to be able to bring it to Australia for the benefit of Orora customers and, ultimately, for the benefit of all Australians who buy and consume products that depend upon effective cold chain operations.

Obtaining the exclusive distributor agreement with BT9 is part of Orora’s broader strategy to provide a complete packaging solution, building on last year’s announcement that Orora had partnered with AHG Refrigerated Logistics.

The company says the Xsense system also complements the corrugated cartons and logistics network offered by Orora Fibre Packaging business.

Orora was established in 2013 following the Amcor demerger, with operations across North America and Australasia.