PMA and GS1 improve the safety of fresh produce

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Supply chain inefficiencies and emerging trends from the Covid-19 pandemic are extensively examined in Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand’s (PMA A-NZ) 2020 State of the Industry Report, which launches next week.

The report is based on research conducted by Ernst & Young, who were commissioned by PMA A-NZ to explore supply chain inefficiencies within the Australasian fresh produce industry, and to identify opportunities for improvement and strategies to address consumer trends.

“Ernst & Young undertook the work across four key stages; desktop research of relevant literature and case studies, exploration of future consumer trends, a workshop exploring key challenges with PMA A-NZ members, and targeted one-on-one consultation with PMA A-NZ members from right across the supply chain”, said Darren Keating, chief executive of PMA A-NZ.

“A consistent theme identified in this report is that supply chains that have high levels of trust and transparency have greater opportunities for success. Data sharing, and the challenges that come with it are consistent. From the producer to the consumer there is a desire for more information.”

The report also highlights key emerging trends that have risen rapidly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Covid-19 has driven change at a rapid pace, affecting the way we work, live, eat, move and use technology”, Keating said.

“Trends that we had seen as slow burners that were to be prominent in shaping our future are here now. We’ve seen the rapid adoption of communication technology and online shopping, but have also had a reset in the way we view food safety and occupational health and safety.”

The PMA A-NZ 2020 State of the Industry Report will be launched during a webinar next Wednesday (17 June), beginning at 10am.

The session will explore the key findings of the report with the input of a number of industry experts, including: Craig Taylor, general manager fresh produce at Coles; Patrick Vizzone, head of food, beverage and agribusiness – international at ANZ; and Ruth Ahchow, partner – economics, regulation and policy at Ernst & Young.

The report will be made available to PMA A-NZ members immediately after the webinar. To register for the webinar and for more information about the report, visit

Produce Plus will examine the key findings of the PMA A-NZ 2020 State of the Industry Report over the coming weeks.