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Gill McShane


Tuesday 29th July 2008, 05:38 Central Time

Mexico calls for umbrella lime brand

The industry hopes a national stamp for limes will help to boost standards and market access

Mexico calls for umbrella lime brand

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The Mexican citrus industry is reportedly looking to develop an umbrella brand for Mexican and Persian limes grown in the country.

The label, similar to a certificate of origin, would help open up opportunities to better position Mexican limes on the international market, according to Sergio Ramírez Castañeda, who heads up the Sistema Producto Limón de Michoacán A.C.

“With a collective label, producers would be encouraged to reinforce and maintain a new level of quality in the production and marketing of limes,” Mr Ramírez explained.

“Producers and packers are already preparing themselves together with the regional authorities to eradicate citrus diseases and pests which can affect production.”

There are approximately 40,000ha planted with citrus in the region of Michoacán, with annual lime production reaching 2,500 tonnes on average.

In 2008, however, the region expects to produce around 800 tonnes of limes since this year is an off-season for the fruit.


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