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Ilip's B40ECO heat-sealable punnet

Ilip offers the packaging perspective


Business development and marketing director Roberto Zanichelli tells Eurofruit that sustainability and the circular economy are central to the Italian company’s thinking

SAVRpak Drop-In has shown promising results in berries

SAVRpak launches ground-breaking shelf-life extension solution


The company said its moisture control technology that can triple shelf-life of berries, leafy greens and cucumbers

Carton Pack tomatoes pulp punnet

Global Tomato Congress: Sustainability is the driving force in packaging


Carton Pack has developed a range of greener packaging solutions for tomatoes that offer a number of benefits to the supply chain without compromising on quality

Agromediterránea packaging broccoli radishes

Agromediterránea offers plastic-free packaging


Murcia group says new environmentally friendly bags are 100 per cent bio-based, biodegradable and compostable

Belgian pears

Belgian campaign launches in UK


Belgian produce marketers are targeting retail and foodservice companies in the UK with a message of high quality and sustainability

Smurfit Kappa Become First Vegan Certified Packaging Company

Smurfit Kappa earns vegan credentials


Smurfit Kappa becomes ’world’s first’ vegan-certified packaging company

BE Flavour line tomatoes - BelOrta

BelOrta tomato range constantly evolving


From yellow to brown, large and small, loose and on the vine, BelOrta’s tomato range continues to develop, with the Belgian cooperative always on the lookout for new varieties

Port Manatee Del Monte vessel CREDIT Manatee County Port Authority

Del Monte’s results hit by inflationary pressure


Despite higher Q1 sales year-on-year, the group’s operating income was hurt by rising costs

New Hazel tedh HQ 2

Hazel Technologies opens new Chicago HQ


New office and research space opens on Earth Day to highlight the company’s commitment to reducing food waste


Spain to ban plastic packaging on F&V


Royal Decree will outlaw the use of plastic on fruit and vegetables sold in units weighing less than 1.5kg


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GGC 2021 Packaging session Chris Ford Sharpak Aylesham Mauro Stipa Ilip Massimiliano Persico Massimo Bellotti Carton Pack

The grape packaging debate


Industry experts were on hand to discuss the future of packaging at this year’s Global Grape Congress

BE BelOrta Tray2Tray strawberries

BelOrta closing packaging loop


The Belgian cooperative aims to contribute to a circular economy with the launch of Tray2Tray punnets, made from rPET and fully recyclable

coveris factory

Coveris bags Initial Packaging Ltd


European packaging firm Coveris buys up UK bag manufacturer Initial Packaging Ltd

IT CREDIT Melinda TAGS Le Piccoline Little Ones Isaaq apples for children

Melinda toys with new packaging concept


Cardboard used to pack five small Isaaq apples can be transformed into planes, trains and automobiles

Tipa PerfoTec Compostable Packaging

New compostable packaging doubles shelf life


Tipa and PerfoTec create compostable packaging proven to extend shelf life of fresh produce by up to two times