Industry analysis from Eurofruit

Analysis and insight for the European fresh produce business.

Generic couple buying avocados

Avocados remain a ‘globally popular super fruit’


New Rabobank market trend report highlights ongoing supply and demand growth

5 Health packaging Selstar Blitzmatic

Five trends that will shape the apple business


Comment: Several factors play an important role in making fresh apples even more popular with consumers

FL European Statistics Handbook

Europe’s fresh produce trade: five key insights


Published this week, Fruit Logistica’s latest European Statistics Handbook is free to download

Jamie Petchell Global Plant Genetics

GPG analyses latest trends in raspberries


Jamie Petchell showcases GPG/James Hutton's offer and looks at how the industry might develop in future

Young girl eating vegetables

Sector must act to fill consumption gap


Freshfel Europe has launched the latest version of its Consumption Monitor


MA Tanger Med port Morocco AdobeStock_313796876

Transport trouble for Moroccan exporters


Two leading fruit exporters say they have adapted their operations to cope with some major logistical challenges

US Aldi fresh produce apples bananas

Are we turning the corner with Aldi banana price rise?


Banana Link's Alistair Smith looks at the implications of Aldi’s decision to increase the box price of bananas in 2022

WayBeyond Agritecture CEA Vertical Farm - shutterstock_1267972462

Report reveals grower concerns about greenwashing


CEA Global Census finds that majority think industry is susceptible to excessive and untrue claims around sustainability

GCC Joe Shaw Roberts Kantar UK citrus market

Marketing term easy peeler is 'too generic'


Citrus marketers call for more focus on quality of individual varieties, as well as category's nutritional benefits

Spain oranges containers

WCO releases NH citrus forecast


Overall volumes are expected to fall slightly in 2021/22, with orange and soft citrus numbers down


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Fruitbox Survey 2022

What next for the fresh produce business?


As we head towards 2022, we want you to tell us what's really happening in the world of fruit and vegetables

GBC2021 Live Panel

Resilience needed for berry trade to thrive


Experts at Global Berry Congress focus on need to overcome big challenges so berry category growth can continue

Fresh vs Fast

World still fails to eat enough fruit and veg


WFVD2021: Global alliance identifies lack of government support for 5 a Day campaigns as obstacle to healthier eating

Organic apples

Organics "part of the solution"


A key takeaway from the Organic Food Conference was the European Commissioner for Agriculture's recognition of the role of organics in fighting climate change

Copyright Fairtrade Marcel Koppen

Climate justice requires urgent action


Fair Trade groups demand better access to climate funding for smallholders, increased private sector transparency and stronger environmental regulations