Kingston adds Peru sweet onions


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Gill McShane


Kingston adds Peru sweet onions

US importer-distributor continues expanding its imported produce programme from Central and South America with sweet onions from Peru

Kingston adds Peru sweet onions

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Kingston, a major US-based distributor, importer, and supplier of a variety of fruits and vegetables grown in Central America, South America, Mexico and the US, has announced the addition of premium quality sweet onions from Peru to its supply offer.

The first arrivals into the US are slated to dock in mid-August, according to a press release from the group.

Kingston’s president, Ken Nabal, described the deal as a “great success” for the team, which continues to steadily develop its direct import programmes.

“This starts with our ‘boots on the ground’ Quality Control and Food Safety professionals in Central and South America and ends with our talented sales professionals in our four regional US offices, our cold storage facilities and transportation capabilities,” Nabal explained.

“Our strategic plan is to continue providing ‘value added’ programs to our customers, finding operating efficiencies through vertical integration, and passing these savings along to the end user. 

“Likewise, our growers are also happy with our expansion since we are able to provide excellent Retail and Food Service distribution channels nationwide for their products with sustained growth to follow.”

While the Kingston Sugar Pine golden pineapple programme from Costa Rica remains the flagship import program for Kingston, the company has steadily branched out into other key globally-sourced products including: mangoes, papayas, asparagus, melons and citrus, among others. 

“Our strong presence, both within the various growing regions as well as logistically at the port terminals, has allowed us to continue expansion of our products from Central and South America,” added David O. Kingston, CEO and owner of Kingston.

“We continue to broaden our excellent relationships in these countries and our grower-partners are excited to work and expand with us here at Kingston. The growth has been exciting.” 

Kingston said its expanding portfolio of products will better position the firm to service its customers domestically and grow its collective businesses. 

As usual, the company stated that its key to success will be to continue with its brand promise of delivering “excellent customer service while also maintaining a relentless commitment to quality and food safety”. 

“These are the hallmarks of our reputation within the industry,” Kingston concluded.

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