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Luisa Cheshire


Intelligent labels monitor produce

Thinfilm and PakSense have joined forces to bring printed electronic temperature labels to the fresh produce industry of the Americas

Intelligent labels monitor produce

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Oslo, Norway, headquartered Thin Film Electronics, a leader in the development of printed electronics, has announced it has entered into a commercial distribution agreement with Boise, US, based PakSense, a market leader in the development of intelligent sensing products specifically designed to monitor perishable goods.

Terms of the agreement authorise PakSense to distribute Thinfilm Smart Label to food suppliers and retailers of produce, meat and seafood in North America, South America and Central America. In addition, PakSense has submitted pre-orders for the labels, which are targeted for delivery to lead customers in early 2015.
The Thinfilm printed electronic labels will indicate if certain temperature ranges have been exceeded and complement PakSense time and temperature monitors, the companies said in a joint press release.

“The ultra-low cost associated with the printed electronics process will now make it possible for PakSense customers to use multiple Thinfilm labels in a shipment at the item and pallet level,” the release said.

“This will lead to added visibility into temperature variations that may exist within a shipment. The enhanced data can then be used to make better informed stocking decisions, and should ultimately aid in the delivery of products that are safer, fresher, and higher in quality.”

Commenting on the venture, David Oster, CEO of PakSense, said: “We’re delighted to pass this value along to our customers and look forward to working with Thinfilm on additional technology developments in the future.”

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