Camposol makes water treatment greener


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Camposol makes water treatment greener

New system improves water quality allowing aquatic plants and algae-eating wildlife to flourish

Camposol makes water treatment greener

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Camposol has invested in a Wastewater Treatment Plant that cleans up the water generated during its agro-industrial activities and reuses it to irrigate green areas.

The pioneering system uses specially grown aquatic plants which “eat” the organic matter suspended in the water. First, water quality is improved by regulating quality parameters such as acidity, temperature, biochemical oxygen demand and turbidity, allowing an ecosystem to flourish that uses the waste in water as food.

This creates a fauna ecosystem allowing algae-eating insects and wildlife to flourish, the company said in a press release.

Camposol’s environmental coordinator, Jhon Pérez Fernández, added that in addition to improving water quality, the system reduces odours and improvies the scenic landscape. It also significantly reduces the need for chemical treatments used in traditional methods to treat wastewater, as these plants work as natural filters and are resistant to temperature change.

The wastewater treatment plant consists of five wells covered with a geo-membrane.


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