Pop band in bid to tune kids into veggies


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Pop band in bid to tune kids into veggies

The Veggie Beats are on a mission to boost fruit and vegetable consumption among US school kids

Pop band in bid to tune kids into veggies

The Veggie Beats

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A group of musicians from Denver called the Veggie Beats has recorded an album of upbeat pop songs with the goal of making children’s lunches healthier by encouraging them to embrace vegetables.

“We’re a team of music producers making pop songs with a unique goal in mind: change the lives of children one lunch tray at a time,” said the group’s Sasha Shterm. “We’re going to try to become the marketing department that the produce department never had.”

In spite of the growing availability of healthy options in American schools, almost two-thirds of school children are still not consuming any vegetables at lunchtime, research has found.

The group has come up with an album of songs and videos about different vegetables, including celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, peppers and onions. It is now attempting to raise money to hire big name artists to feature on the rest of its tracks.

The funds will also go towards marketing the album to millions of families and classrooms around the country, the group said.

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