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AgroFresh renews sustainability commitment

The post-harvest company commissioned a study to measure the environmental impact of its SmartFresh solution, while committing to further actions

AgroFresh renews sustainability commitment

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US-based post-harvest specialist AgroFresh has renewed its commitment to sustainability after two decades of delivering innovative solutions to prolong produce freshness and reduce food waste.

“Our dedication to protect and preserve the planet has never wavered,” the company stated. “We have always believed that sustainability is a proactive approach ingrained in our every action, every day. As individuals, the people of AgroFresh prioritise sustainability both personally and in their careers.”

This year, AgroFresh has committed to further deliver on its mission to extend shelf-life, tackle food waste and conserve the planet’s resources.

The company has commissioned a study on the environmental impact of its SmartFresh solution in the US over the past 16 years, conducted by consulting firm Context Network.

The study found that AgroFresh has diverted more than 250,000 tonnes of apple waste during this period. The company’s lowering of CO2 emissions is equivalent to taking over 2m cars off the road for a year. Furthermore, the apple waste reduced by the company’s SmartFresh solution is equivalent to over 800m gallons of water saved.

By making apples available year-round in the US, the company’s solutions have lowered the country’s reliance on carbon-intensive imports. In addition, 3.7m tonnes of apples are sold as fresh rather than processed, representing nearly US$2bn in value.

“As part of our ongoing focus on sustainability, AgroFresh will continue to measure the impact of its solutions around the world, with future studies dedicated to each of our technologies and freshness solutions in various geographies,” the company added.

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