Inspectors clear salmonella scare farm


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Carl Collen


Inspectors clear salmonella scare farm

No further samples of salmonella have been discovered at an L&M south Florida cantaloupe melon farm

Inspectors clear salmonella scare farm

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Investigators examining samples of melons at an L&M farm in Florida have revealed that they have found no further evidence of salmonella following last week's cantaloupe recall from Wal-Mart stores in North and South Carolina.

A random Food and Drug Administration test on 14 May on a melon sample led to the recall by Raleigh-based L&M.

The whole cantaloupes were sold between 10-15 May 2009 in Walmart Supercenter stores in North and South Carolina, and at a similar store in South Hill, Virginia, with consumers urged to destroy any melons that they may have purchased.

According to Lee Anne Oxford, director of marketing at L&M, no illnesses have been reported as a result of consuming the cantaloupe melons.

She told The Packer that the group had stopped shipping melons from the grower, Pass Line Farms, who follows a good agricultural practices programme and has not experienced food safety issues in the past.

"We feel good about the traceback process and our food safety team did a good job with the recall and trace forward process," Ms Oxford added. "It's been a hard time and the grower has done the right things and is being very responsible. This is a devastating financial loss to a small grower."

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