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Monsanto forms brassica ties with Landec

Monsanto and Landec will combine their respective experience in seeds and packaging to offer North American consumers something new

Monsanto forms brassica ties with Landec

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Monsanto has announced that its vegetable seed company, Seminis Vegetable Seeds, has entered into a partnership agreement with Landec Corporation’s food subsidiary, Apio, to develop novel broccoli and cauliflower products.

The products will be sold exclusively by Apio, and the two companies will collaborate in order to identify and develop unique broccoli and cauliflower varieties for the North American market.

Apio's packaged bags and trays will be utilised to add value to the new varieties, which will be sold in grocery chains, club stores and the food service industry.

Seminis's task is to breed varieties that meet consumer requirements concerning nutrition, flavour, colour, texture, taste and aroma.

Ibrahim El Menschawi, Semenis's head of marketing, said that the collaboration would allow Semenis to use its "extensive breeding capabilities" to assist consumers in developing healthier diets.

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