New sustainability standard for US


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Carl Collen


New sustainability standard for US

The effects of sustainable practices on US agriculture will come under the microscope with the development of a new standard

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A new standard has been created with the aim of developing best practice in sustainable crop production and defining its meaning for the US agricultural industry.

First announced on May 16, the new standard – the Sustainable Agriculture Practice Standard for Food, Fiber and Biofuel Crop Producers and Agricultural Practice Handlers and Processors – was drafted by Scientific Certifications Systems, under the guidance of the National Science Foundation.

The standard covers the effects of sustainable agricultural production at all levels of the supply chain, from suppliers and seed providers through to consumers.

Amanda Raster, project manager at Scientific Certification Systems, told The Packer: "Sustainability is a huge part of the dialogue these days, especially within agriculture. Our work is to notify people and encourage them to get involved with the goal of creating a standard committee - a core committee that creates a final standard that will be submitted for public approval by the ANSCI."

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