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New wash protects leafy greens

Liquid wash launched by New Leaf product to combat bacterial contamination and prevent illness

New wash protects leafy greens

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New Leaf Food Safety Solutions has released a new liquid wash product, SmartWash, that the group says significantly reduces bacterial contamination in leafy green products and helps protect against foodborne illnesses.

The US group said that SmartWash ensures consistent and optimal levels of contamination-fighting agents when combined with chlorine wash agents, with the result being a significant reduction in food contaminants and a total prevention of cross-contamination, The Packer reported.

Tanya Mason, vice-president for business development at New Leaf, told The Packer that SmartWash was made from everyday food ingredients, boosting and stabilising the pathogen-fighting power of standard wash systems.

SmartWash has been reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration, and has been fully tested to completely eliminate bacterial cross-contamination, Ms Mason noted.

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