New Japanese grape sells high

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New Japanese grape sells high

A new variety of grapes has fetched staggering prices at an auction in Japan

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The new Ruby Roman variety of grapes set a record in Japan yesterday, when a single bunch was sold for ¥100,000, or US$910, according to Associated Press.

At US$26 per grape, the price pipped the average US$245 per bunch. A Japanese hotel manager bought the record-setting bunch to serve to his guests.

The Ruby Roman grapes have been in development since 1994, and the auction in the northwestern Ishikawa prefecture was their introduction to the market. The grapes are tomato-coloured and slightly smaller than a table tennis ball.

Farmers are hoping to sell 1,500 bunches, or 900kg, of the new variety by mid-September.

The Japanese fruit market often commands high prices for premium fruit, especially the first fruit of the season.

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