Primaflor takes GlobalGAP membership

For fresh fruit and vegetable marketing and distribution in Asia
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Primaflor takes GlobalGAP membership

Fresh-cut salad specialist strives to improve standards and lend its voice to food safety standards development

Primaflor takes GlobalGAP membership

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Primaflor has announced that it has taken up GlobalGAP membership this year, a move it has said is key to developing and marketing new products, as well as refining its business to maintain its value proposition.

According to the fresh-cut salad specialist, which sources from across the world and distributes its produce in a number of European countries, GlobalGAP certification and membership is in line with improved growing practices, internally consolidated and externally facilitated sustainability efforts, increased market confidence in its products, and a reinforced supply chain performance

"In such a competitive market, the differentiation in quality and production procedures is essential to consolidate our business," the group said in a statement. "Initiatives like GlobalGAP encourage us to continuously improve across all standards, a challenging aspiration and not always easy to achieve, but important to our relationship with key customers, which means we can operate in a market that is not just about price."

The company has also benefited from its GlobalGAP membership in having a direct voice in food safety standards development, something it considers particularly important amid ongoing challenging market conditions.

"Through our participation as members of GlobalGAP, we want to give our practical point of view for the development of the norms, focusing the attention on all the essential aspects which guaranty sustainability, not only in terms of economic performance, but also environmental performance and ethical practice." Primaflor noted. "It is important that we fully understand that sustainability can only be achieved by achieving success across all three areas."

The group said that it was enthusiastic about its cooperation with GlobalGAP and its involvement in future initiatives.

“We would like GlobalGAP to become more global in the near future, integrating a higher number of customers in such a way that we could unify and simplify our quality strategies. We would like most of our customers to be able to value the efforts we invest in to integrate good agricultural practices in our growing activity, and give stability to the supply chain and the complete agri-food sector in general."

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