Israel to open agri-centres in India

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Israel to open agri-centres in India

Israel will open two centres of excellence in India's Bihar state, working with local scientists to improve agricultural productivity

Israel to open agri-centres in India

Israel will open a centre in Vaishali, focusing on improving productivity in mango farming in India

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India’s Bihar state will be home to two Israeli-run horticulture centres in 2015, according to the Times of India.

Israeli agriculture experts will open a vegetable centre in Nalanda and a mango centre in Vaishali alongside local scientists to improve productivity and raise awareness about the latest agricultural technology.

“Bihar has fertile land and grows fruits like mango, litchi, banana and various vegetables, including potato,” said Israeli embassy spokesman Ohad Horsandi, according to the local news site. “If farmers are told about the latest technology, their productivity would increase manyfold.”

The two centres in Bihar will be running by 2015 along with nine more agriculture and horticulture centres across India, adding to the 20 centres of excellence Israel has already established.

According to the Times of India, Horsandi said Israel’s dry climate meant the country had expertise in water recycling and treatment as well as irrigation systems, and would also be interested in extending Israel’s work in Bihar to the dairy sector.

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