California faces mandatory water reductions

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California faces mandatory water reductions

Governor Edmund Brown has announced that "unprecedented action" must be taken as drought continues

California faces mandatory water reductions

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Following the lowest snow pack ever recorded and with no end to a two-year drought in sight, Californian governor Edmund Brown has announced actions that will save water, increase enforcement to prevent wasteful water use, streamline the state’s drought response and invest in new technologies that will make the state more drought resilient.

“Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow," said Brown. "This historic drought demands unprecedented action. Therefore, I’m issuing an executive order mandating substantial water reductions across our state. As Californians, we must pull together and save water in every way possible."

For more than two years, the state’s experts have been managing water resources to ensure that the state survives the drought and is better prepared for the next one.

Last year, the governor proclaimed a drought state of emergency, and the state has taken steps to make sure that water is available for human health and safety, growing food, fighting fires and protecting fish and wildlife.

Millions have been spent helping thousands of California families most impacted by the drought pay their bills, put food on their tables and have water to drink.

The executive order from governor Brown included orders on saving water, increasing enforcement, streamlining government response and investing in new technologies.

The full order can be found here.

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