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Sun World licenses grape marketers

Group appoints four South American table grape specialists to grow proprietary seedless grapes

Sun World licenses grape marketers

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Sun World International has appointed four leading grape producer-exporters to grow and market its proprietary seedless grapes from vineyards across South America.

The licensees include Exser in Chile, Agrivale in Brazil, and Ecosac and Agricola Chapi in Peru, who join 12 existing Sun World grape marketer licensees across those three countries.

"Supermarkets, importers and wholesalers around the world have encouraged Sun World to broaden its South American supply base," said executive vice-president David Marguleas. "These four new licensees, each leading grape producer-exporters, are a terrific addition to our global marketer network."

In addition to growing many of Sun World's new seedless grape varieties, each of the four new licensees has been granted a license to distribute fruit from new varieties developed by Sun World and to use Sun World's brands, including Midnight Beauty, Scarlotta Seedless, Autumncrisp, Adora Seedless and Sable Seedless in the marketplace.

Sun World's licensing programme involves more than 1,500 producers and marketing companies in most of the world's major fruit-growing regions, with the new licensees joining more than 40 other marketers globally.

The group's variety development work focuses on a full range of fresh grapes with extraordinary characteristics such as enhanced flavour, distinctive flavour, distinctive taste, larger berries and clusters, earlier and later ripening times and availability, and increased productivity.

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