Pomanjou Group evolves into Innatis

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Pomanjou Group evolves into Innatis

The French apple group’s recent growth has encouraged it to update its identity to reflect its core values of innovation, nature and tradition

Pomanjou Group evolves into Innatis

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Recent developments at French apple company Pomanjou Group, including the addition of two cooperatives in Comimpex and Les Vergers Launay, have inspired the firm to re-examine its identity.

Today, the company boasts six commercial subsidiaries (Cardell, Pomanjou International, DSA, Pominter, Comimpex, and Vergers Launay), distributed throughout France in the country’s three principle apple growing regions.

“The company is evolving and has new ambitions for the near future,” said the group’s Arnaud de Puineuf. “To this end, we have to make sure that the relationship between Pomanjou Group and its subsidiaries is very clear to allow us to structure our different brands, and rationalise our communication. A new identity will allow us to rethink the endorsement system of today’s and tomorrow’s subsidiaries.”

In deciding on a new identity, the company’s aim was to choose one that was independent and carried no strong geographical connotation, while still exuding its core values and commitments.

“This will allow us to develop and communicate a lot more clearly since there won’t be any confusion between the group and one of our subsidiaries,” said de Puineuf.

The group finally came up with the combinative name Innatis, standing for innovation, nature and tradition, with an open ending that reflects the unknown possibilities that lie ahead.

“Innatis reflects our core values: innovating with nature to grow fruit with dedication,” explained de Puineuf. “Due to our strong presence overseas, this name had to be modern, understandable in most languages, easy to pronounce and able to grasp the link between the name and our values. Our tagline is ‘Fruit grown with dedication’, which underlines the importance of the men and women who commit so much time and effort to growing our fruit, and carrying on the pioneering spirit to innovate every day with the help of nature.”

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