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Strategic change for Vietnamese exports

A trend away from fresh produce and toward a ‘made in Vietnam’ brand is key to the country’s export plan

Strategic change for Vietnamese exports

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Vietnamese producers are shifting their focus away from fresh goods, toward processed value-added products, according to local media reports.

Vietnam News reported that processing and value adding strategies will help solidify the ‘made in Vietnam’ brand in the global value chain. This will likely come at the expense of fresh exports.

Fruit growers are also focusing more on cultivating organic produce, to tie in with global trends and demand.

 “Organic certificates would open the door wide for Vietnamese farm produce to enter North America, Japan and the EU - markets that have stringent requirements in terms of products’ nutritional value, safety and environmental friendliness,” said Nguyễn Lâm Viên, chairman of Vinamit JSC.

Vinamit has collaborated with local farmers to grow large-scale coconut, jackfruit and bananas organically.

The cashew nut industry, where Vietnam is the world’s largest processor and exporter, is planning to change its strategy by producing more highly-processed products such as cashew milk and snacks.

These strategies are a growing trend as companies invest in value-added products to penetrate global markets, moving away from fresh exports, and strengthening Vietnam’s economy.


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