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Pakistan encourages China export

The country’s produce association patron in chief sees opportunity under the Belt and Road initiative

Pakistan encourages China export

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Pakistan’s fruit industry association, the All Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) has extended recommendations to the government, claiming the country’s horticulture sector has the potential to grow export.

PFVA’s patron in chief, Waheed Ahmed, said the sector has the potential to reach US$1bn worth of goods to China.

Ahmed is also vice president at the federation of Pakistan chambers of commerce and industry (FPCCI), and mentioned that the Pakistani government, through an adviser, expressed interest in promoting Pakistan’s fruit and vegetables.

“During his visit to the FPCCI, he informed that the prime minister will be visiting China and requested for input and market access of fruits and vegetables to China,” said Ahmed.

A proposal for trading goods in Chinese currency, to relieve dependence on the US dollar, was also extended.

Ahmed is confident that there will be opportunity to enhance Pakistan’s horticulture export through China’s Belt and Road Initiative. However, he emphasised the need for collaboration within private sectors for managing agriculture-related diseases.

“An opinion has also surfaced to inculcate awareness about Chinese quarantine regulations and export model among Pakistani exporters,” said Ahmed. “To ensure speedy clearance of trade cargo at Pakistani sea ports, assistance from the Chinese authorities has been sought so that the perishable cargo can effectively be transferred with minimal delay from sea ports to the vessels and go-downs.”

Additional infrastructure could help widen Pakistan’s access to new markets, and The Express Tribune reported the sector has estimated export value could increase up to US$2.5bn from its current US$608m, within five years.

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