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Freshmax invests in seedless citrus

Freshmax diversifies its orchard operations in Swan Hill, investing in new mandarin plantings to complement existing stonefruit production

Freshmax invests in seedless citrus

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Seedless Tangold mandarins are expected to make up 40ha of Australian company Freshmax’s farm in Swan Hill, Victoria.

The operation has historically focused on stonefruit varieties - both proprietary and commodity varieties – but Freshmax said the move to diversify will drive a year-round approach for the property. The company has already planted 20 of Tangold citrus with a further 20ha to be planted over the next 18 months.

“Stonefruit is a summer crop whereas citrus is winter – this diversification will therefore ensure better utilisation of staff resources,” said Andrew Maughan of Innovar, on behalf of Freshmax Australia. “Also, Tangold Seedless is a core pillar of our group’s citrus program - so it made sense that we also invest in the production of the variety.”

The crop is expected to reach commercial volumes in 2021, and will join a larger pool of Tangold citrus planted across other growing regions. Commercial output for the property is expected to reach 2,500 tonnes annually over the next eight years.

Initial volumes will head to domestic channels, but there is a firm focus on export opportunities.

“We are excited to take Tangold Seedless to our international customers [and] the samples we have seen so far show real promise and potential in future category export programmes,” said Saxon Call of Valleyfresh Exports.

The company said the Tangold variety does not require netting or isolation to maintain a seedless characteristic making it easier to produce. 

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