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Driscoll's recognised for labour prowess

Berry leader is praised for its health and safety labour programme

Driscoll's recognised for labour prowess

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Driscoll’s has been awarded the best Health and Safety Labor Program globally at the 2019 Sedex Awards, in recognition of the company’s comprehensive approach to labour compliance.

The group's labour programme, which complements the company’s focus on prioritising sustainable business practices, is built in partnership with hundreds of independent growers that grow and harvest berries sold under the Driscoll’s brand to ensure the well-being and dignity of each farmworker.

In 2015, Driscoll's implemented global labour standards representing criteria where laws did not exist, were not consistently enforced, or provided lower protection to the workers.

The company continues to use a third-party audit process to confirm these standards are adhered to by the family of independent growers.

“Supply chain actors along with global and local institutions must work together to introduce solutions that ensure a stable future for farms and ensure the agriculture industry remains a viable option for both farmers and all workers,” said Candida Barbato, senior workforce manager for Driscoll’s.

As an integral part in developing and managing the labor programme, Barbato accepted the award on behalf of Driscoll’s. She thanked the team and independent growers for translating a global vision into an everyday reality.

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