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Sorma Group targets green gains

Italian company says limiting the environmental impact of packaging for fruit and vegetables has become a major priority

Sorma Group targets green gains

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Italian company Sorma Group is set to unveil two new versions of its Sormabag, both of which are aimed at cutting the environmental impact of packaging for the international fruit and vegetable industry.

At this year’s Macfrut, which takes place in Rimini on 8-10 May, it will display both the Sormabag flowpack, produced using the BSH-134 machine, and the woven net Sormabag, which is created by the BRS-134 machine.

According to the company, the Sormabag flowpack “responds to the urgent need to reduce both production costs and environmental impact”, and is a completely recyclable single-material polypropylene pack which performs like a punnet but with up to 70 per cent less plastic.

It is described as being ideal for all products that have to be isolated from the external environment such as carrots, cherry tomatoes, aubergines and citrus.

The woven net Sormabag, meanwhile, has a shaped film and offers a 50 per cent reduction in plastic, offers a full view of the products contained and is tough and lightweight, Sorma says. It’s total transparency and balanced mesh perforation ensures that products can “breathe better”, thus extending shelf-life.

Sorma Group will also take centre stage at the European Packaging Forum in Düsseldorf this June, with Thomas Carta, chief executive of parent company S&B Verpackungsmachinen, discussing topics such as environmental impact reduction, technological innovation and food waste in ‘The Film Matters’ section of the programme.

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