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Monday 22nd February 2021, 21:32 Hong Kong

Asoex slashes table grape forecast

Latest estimate points to a 9.8 per cent contraction in exports compared with 2019/20

Asoex slashes table grape forecast

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Asoex has slashed its table grape forecast by 19.3 per cent this season following last month’s heavy rains.

Chile is now set to ship 66.4m (8.2kg) cartons, a decrease of 9.8 per cent on the 2019/20 total of 73.6m cartons.

The evaluation is based on information provided by 38 companies who together make up 59 per cent of the country’s export volume.

“After the analysis carried out last week evaluating the effects of the rains, we expect to ship a total of 66.4m cartons (8.2kg) in 2020/21,” said Asoex president Ronald Bown.

The new forecast reflects a decrease of 15.9m cartons compared to the initial forecast in December of 82.3m cartons.

Regarding varieties, Asoex noted that the biggest fall would be in white varieties. Shipments of green grapes are expected to total 13.89m cartons, while black and red varieties are set to reach 5.67m cartons and 30.8m cartons respectively.


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