LCL ownership transfers to NYK Logistics

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LCL ownership transfers to NYK Logistics

Company confirms appointment of of Kazuhiko Sotome as chief executive and Hiroaki Tsuchiya as chairman, effective 1 April 2009

LCL ownership transfers to NYK Logistics

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Perishable cargo specialist LCL Group has confirmed plans to transfer its ownership from NYK Reefers Limited to NYK Logistics Group.

"This strategic decision is aimed to complement, enhance and achieve the synergy with existing network business and NVOCC activities of NYK Logistics Group," said a spokesperson for the group.

Consequently, current CEO Hiroshi Kawamura and chairman Mikio Nakamura are to stand down from their respective positions on 31 March 2009, with new CEO Kazuhiko Sotome and new chairman Hiroaki Tsuchiya, currently MD of Logistics NYK Group Europe and corporate officer of NYK Tokyo respectively, will take over the vacant positions.

Mr Nakamura will remain on the board of LCL Sweden AB, while CFO Ian Robinson will continue to work for LCL Sweden.

Mr Sotome has extensive experience of the South American trade and is currently running the Quality Management Team at NYK Logistics Tokyo. His career also includes being the IT director of NYK Logistics Europe in London.

Mr Kawamura is due to leave for Tokyo to assume a position in the Car Carrier Project Group in NYK Line Tokyo.

"We want to thank Mr Hiroshi Kawamura for his work in LCL and welcome Mr Kazuhiko Sotome to his new role to lead the LCL Group," the spokesperson added.

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