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US scientists map melon genome

The breakthrough could lead to the development of fruit that is more desirable for consumers

US scientists map melon genome

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The Journal of the American Society of Horticultural Sciences has revealed that scientists from Texas in the US have successfully completed the mapping of the melon genome, following on from work previously carried out in France and Spain.

According to the Journal, this new research into the melon genome could mean that growers produce fruit that is sweeter, larger, more nutritious and of higher quality, making it more desirable for consumers.

Dr Kevin Crosby of Texas AgriLife Research said that the breakthrough would help researchers "anchor down" some of the fruits more desirable genes.

"We can identify specific genes for higher sugar content, disease resistance and even drought tolerance," he told the Journal.

As part of the research, Dr Crosby worked alongside colleagues Dr Soon Park and Dr Hye Hwang on crossing the Deltex ananas melon with a wild melon known as TGR 1551, with over 100 offspring grown in greenhouses.

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