Grim forecast for NZ asparagus

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Grim forecast for NZ asparagus

New Zealand’s asparagus production could plummet in the next few years as growers leave the industry

Grim forecast for NZ asparagus

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The dramatic forecast is a result of growers leaving the industry, pushed out by high land prices and low returns, reported Radio New Zealand.

With new plantings taking 5 years to reach full production, Horticulture New Zealand said 400ha of asparagus need to be planted this year to prevent the shortfall in production, but only about 30ha has been put in the ground.

New Zealand’s asparagus sector has been dwindling for many years as production areas have been replaced by dairy farms and grapes. 

Previously a significant export player in Asian markets, New Zealand asparagus exports are now an addendum to other country’s offerings.

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