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Carrot growers assess damage

Carrot growers in Western Australia are checking their crops for signs of damage after a heatwave struck the region last week

Carrot growers assess damage

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Carrot growers around the Western Australian city of Perth will be monitoring crops for signs of damage after the state endured a heatwave last week.

Temperatures rose beyond 40oC for three consecutive days and the average maximum temperature for the first 19 days of January was 34oC.

Western Australia supplies around 90,000 tonnes of carrots every year, making up 90 per cent of Australia's A$41m export market for the vegetable, the ABC reported.

Western Australian Carrot Association chair Figaro Natoli said mature crops shouldn't be affected by the heat, but added farmers would have to assess the level of damage suffered by young crops.

Mr Natoli said that if only a small amount of the crop had germinated, growers would be better off starting from scratch.

"If the germination is 10 or 20 per cent they will just plough the whole crop in because the same growing costs are still involved in doing 10 per cent as opposed to 100 per cent," he said.

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